Intuitive Counselor


The cosmos is within us.  We are made of star-stuff.  We are a way for the universe to know itself.

- Carl Sagan


Each of us exists as microcosm of universal forces, tides and rhythms. In keeping with that old maxim "the stars are within the earth," the stars are within us as well. This is more than just quaint hyperbole.  The warp and woof of our corporeal forms is comprised of the very stuff of our celestial neighbors.


The positions of the stars and planets at the time of your birth imprint you with a unique and indelible signature.  In essence, a birth chart is a map of a person's energy.  The interplay of archetypes and the harmonics of angles and placements give invaluable insight into a soul's desires, its gifts and challenges, and the compelling lessons and attachments that have carried forth from previous incarnations.


Ultimately an astrological consultation can be a doorway into deeper self-acceptance and a reconnection with your essential nature.  Readings are available in the Western Sidereal Method or the Tropical Method per request.



Time / Duration: 90mins

Fee: $200

[ includes a digital recording of the session ]

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